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If you're interested in learning about some of the Brand challenges that can be successfully overcome and implemented inside your company, click on any one of the five real-life scenarios below. BrandFare is ready and waiting to accomplish the same results for you!

Each scenario correlates with a Brand listed below and describes the market challenges that were faced — as well as the solutions ultimately envisioned and implemented with outstanding, measurable results.

In Search of a Unique Selling Proposition
Creating News to Fuel Category/Brand Growth
Thwarting a Private Label Competitor Threat
Justifying a Premium Price
Building Corporate Identity

To communicate the range of product and service brands that our principal, Ellen Weiss, has supported over the last two decades, we've put together this Brand listing.

Ace Dentyne Schick
All About e Halls Sinutab
AquaSafe Healthshop Trident
Bnox Listerine Tetra
Bubblicious Personal Touch TetraMin
Certs Plantastics TetraPond
Chiclets Quest Diagnostics TetraTec
Cinn*a*Burst Rolaids Whisper

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