In Search of a Unique Selling Proposition

The Problem: In this case, a leading Brand-which had launched an entire category over 50 years ago-had ultimately lost its impact and differentiation among its once loyal customers. A number of privately-held hungry competitors with deep pockets and rapid decision making gradually eroded the leader's market share by promoting similar offerings at more competitive pricing. The leading "mother" Brand wanted its dominant position in the marketplace back.

Our Solution: Through a thorough dissection and in-depth analysis of the Brand-from its outer case packaging to its raw ingredients, and every aspect of the customer's experience-we were able to accomplish a series of learnings which led to a total revisioning of the Brand's benefits and claims. A key phrase was adopted for all package and promotional materials to convey the Brand's superiority on both an emotional and physical level.

The Result: The newly designed package, messaging, and innovative in-store activity stopped the bleeding and turned around share, sales, and profits not only for the Brand, but for a number of smaller items in the product line that benefited from the halo of the core Brand as well.