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BrandFare is a specialized consulting firm founded by principal Ellen Weiss, with over 23 years of branding success to drive results for clients just like you. She is supported by a small consortium, or specialized team, of independent branding and marketing professionals chosen for their expertise, talent and ability to meet the unique needs of each client.

As an individual or team, BrandFare offers you a refreshing alternative to sliding sales and a lackluster Brand report card. While our work is founded on a productive process grounded in solid research and key deliverables customized to your specific needs, a number of differentiators make BrandFare's one-of-a-kind approach worth considering seriously.

 We’re information integrators.

Prior to hiring an outside firm, most companies have conducted a certain amount of internal research and intelligence. We respect that. Unlike other firms, we don't throw all of that hard work away. On the contrary, we believe your due diligence is a valuable part of our learning. Thus, we purposely seek out your feedback, thoughts and ideas as part of our initial Brand development process.

We believe our role is to bring a different point of view — to look at your data through another lens if you will.

 We’re translators and converters.

After we've gathered the information we need to understand you, your current product or service, and your market, our BrandFare professionals convert your past learnings - and ours - into highly useful Branding information, key insights and core know-how. If something's missing, we propose the most effective research to fill the gaps and/or validate an emerging hypothesis.

We then bring the "practical" to problem solving and determine the best way to bring this information to the marketplace. The best thing, though, is it doesn't cost you a fortune to make your Brand a winner — a huge differentiator in today's competitive marketplace.

 We’re the ideal branding partner.

We have the patience to listen. At BrandFare we work hard to be the ideal partner or teammate for your firm. We have the patience to truly understand what your customers really care about — and the persistence to help you drive your Brand to the marketplace with speed and precision when you're ready to go.

Our goal is to preemptively reposition your competitors before they reposition you!

 We’re seasoned branding experts.

We’ve got senior people with practical experience across all disciplines. Our deep and myriad experience with "mega" consumer goods and service brands has successfully delivered market share gains and category growth - not to mention displacing the competition — for clients in a broad range of categories.

And BrandFare never loses sight of the end game, which is to sell more of your product or service, profitably.

 We’re user-friendly.

Collaboration is our middle name. Executives and staff we have worked with have expressed heartfelt praise for our hands-on approach, our emphasis on teamwork, our truly collaborative style, and our tenacity to drive to powerful results. And BrandFare wraps this all up with the following satisfaction guarantee:

We will meet or exceed all agreed upon deliverables and provide you with a reusable methodology to replicate with other Brands in your portfolio.

So if you're looking to make a greater impact with your Brand — to create a more dynamic collection of consumer insights and to grow sales profitably, contact BrandFare for a complimentary Executive Briefing to see how our rigorous and highly participative process can create powerful results for you.

We look forward to having your Brand join our many well-known successes in the global and U.S. marketplace!


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